Liverpool Harmony Day

Liverpool as a city has a great cultural background, and has a long history of welcoming people from far and wide. Recently due to the decision of Brexit and other issues around the world. There is concern of racial hatred and discrimination escalating.  Migrant communities have become increasingly cautious, isolated and lonely.

The Congolese Association of Merseyside has joined Liverpool Homeless Football Club with LCVS to bring communities together and celebrate.

 The idea of the two day is to bring the cultures and communities of Liverpool together using music, dance and food and reaching out to the hardest to reach of our communities;  to stamp out division and to make “Liverpool embrace the cultures of the whole world in a unique Scouse blend.” Because we believe that a celebration is a powerful tool to bring people together and build the bonds that make our locality a better place to live and age together.:

Activities Summary

Day one:  A diversity celebration – music, food, networking                        _H5G3768

Date: Tuesday 21st March between

Time: 10 AM – 4PM.

Venue: The Florence institute “The Florie”

 377 – Mill Street – Dingle

L8 4RF

What’s on: 3 bands will perform as an articulation of the holistic face of our City:

1. Congolese bands: this extremely popular dance music originated in Kinshasa, considered by many to be the African music capital. Congo Gospel Choir and Jazz and soukous, played on a guitar, are popular varieties for such dances.

2. Independent Persian band

3. A local born and braid Liverpool group.                                Polish Celebration

Day 2: A 4 a side football competition for men aged 16 plus and stalls.

Date: Tuesday 28th of March

Time:  10 am – 3pm

Venue:  Lucozade power league Liverpool

What’s on: The spirit of Merseyside a 4 aside Football League will kick off focusing on tackling racism and embracing diversity.

There will be stalls upstairs at the power league will be various stalls from agencies that promote anti-discrimination and racism campaigns.

 We ask you to promote this in your communities/ your mailing list as there will be something for all ages over these two days. We will ask all community groups to set up a stand in the Grand hall. There will also be transport available for community groups who may have issues getting to the events.

If you would like to get involved with this event either by coming on a working group, setting up a stall, performing on the day please contact us on 0151 237 3986 or email stebartonlhfc2016@gmail.